Provost Desk

Welcome to HOSTEL

I am pleased to hearty welcome D.S. Kothari Hostel. I feel proud that Alumni of D.S. Kothari Hostel had distinguished position in various fields and future also the residents of D.S. Kothari Hostel will not lag behind it. Each resident should realize that opportunity to hostel is a unique and special privilege to residents to grow as human being and attain knowledge for the purpose of creating well being in the society. It is appreciated that Student’s hostel Union organized first alumni meet on the eve of Hostel Annual Function “Aahang – 2018”. I feel please to say that the residents are forthcoming and immensely co-operative and contributing to the discipline and harmony in the hostel. On behalf of hostel authorities, I again extend warm welcome and wish you pleasurable and fruitful stay at hostel.

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